We consider it a privilege to partner with you and your strata community.

At StrataCFM we work in collaboration with your Strata Company and Strata Committees to ensure that the property has a well-defined short-term and long-term strategy and that the day-to-day maintenance issues are taken care of speedily, owners’ concerns are addressed diplomatically and the financial records are kept up to date.

Our ethos is that Strata is about PEOPLE, COLLABORATION, and COMMUNITIES.

What makes us different?


Our approach to strata management is hands-on, we are active and available. Inspecting our client’s schemes and staying in touch is important. We believe Strata is all about engaging with People, bringing those people together to collaborate and build harmonious communities that attract people to the property and increase the value of the property.


We think differently by adopting extraordinary foresight & finding innovative strategies that are guaranteed to have an impact on positivity for your community. We seek to value add to your community by operating on the belief to find solutions before the problem arises.


We carefully select tradespeople that provide quality and consistency of property services for regular maintenance of our client schemes, giving businesses and clients peace of mind.


Attention to detail, transparency, accurate information delivered in a timely matter, and good communication are our ethos to building credibility and delivering exceptional customer service.


As members of SCA StrataCFM we are committed to follow Industry guidelines and standards. We act with passion and clarity to raise the bar, and we strive to lead the strata property by professions by acting with integrity and staying current with changing legislation by attending regular industry training and education.


We connect people to property and optimize the building experience by connecting the physical and digital world together by utilising specialised Strata Software.

+ Collaboration
= Community

Strata CFM specialist management team cares for you and your investment.

With a broad range of services under one roof, we are here to meet your needs for years to come.

Our Services in

  • Facilitating AGMs
  • Financial Services
  • Bylaw Consolidation
  • 10-year Maintenance Plans
  • Arrangement of Building Insurance and Valuations
  • Developer Consultancy and Feasibility Analysis
  • Unit Entitlement Valuations
  • Management Statements
  • Maintenance management of trades
  • Administration

StrataCFM’s extensive network enables us to have the resources to cater to your building.

We partner with legal, financial, real estate, accountant, and insurance partners to help us drive solutions dedicated to you. The People.