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Changing Strata Manager

Changing strata manager is easy – and we are here to guide you through the simple process. A successful strata scheme requires the expertise of an experienced strata manager. Owning in a strata scheme can be challenging due to the complexities and ever-changing legal landscape. We believe that through our knowledge and experience, we can guide our owners through any situation, building trust and maintaining our integrity. We ensure every scheme managed is well maintained and that we are available to offer support to you when you need us.

Our vision is to provide the best strata management experience. The best means highly educated staff with quality credentials, outstanding service, innovation, proactivity and accountability. We want our clients so happy they stay with us for life. Appointing new strata management to your scheme could be one of the best decisions you make!

Simple Steps to change to StrataCFM

  1. Grab a copy of your Agency Agreement to determine the expiration date and termination period
  2. Get in contact with us so that we can provide you with our termination and appointment motions
  3. Submit the required motions to your current manager to be included on the agenda of your next Annual General Meeting or arrange an Extraordinary General Meeting
  4. Once the motions have been passed at the Meeting, contact us to sign our agency agreement
  5. Provide formal termination notice to your current strata manager
  6. Shoot over the meeting minutes and signed agreement to us and we will collect books and records


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