Concept + Consultation = Completion + Community

Good Communities don’t happen by chance.

We have the people with the knowledge and experience to partner with property developers from concept to completion, complementing your skills to ensure you build a great community.

We can assist with comprehensive feasibility analysis at the start of your project, and then take you step by step through the puzzle that is the Strata Titles legislation.

At Strata CFM we do much more than just manage your Strata Complex.

Tell us about your project and let us arrange a complimentary obligation-free quote.

It starts with the Feasibility

We understand that the key to creating a great community starts with a great development outcome.

At Strata CFM we don’t just expect to manage your project at the end.

We have the skilled personnel, resources and experience to provide Developers with Project Feasibility advice right from the start. We work with you to mitigate development risk and ensure you have considered all matters related to the Strata Titles Legislative requirements as part of your analysis.


Consultation & Planning

Strata CFM help Developers navigate the complex, yet necessary legislative requirements to ensure your development complies with the Stata Title Legislation.

We understand the requirements that must be considered when building a new project, and ensure you have the framework around the Governance required to create a well-managed, harmonious Strata Community in place well before your development is complete.

Call us to book an appointment to meet with you, review your plans and provide advice on the following matters

  • Common Property, Lot Boundaries and Exclusive Use Areas
  • Unit Entitlement Valuations
  • Governance, Management Statements and Bylaws
  • Discuss the raft of Services and Trades required for the Maintenance of the development and preparation of Budgets
  • Provide advice on Strata Levy Estimates, to assist with off the plan sales
  • Discuss and advice on 10 year maintenance plans
  • Provide advice on Insurance Valuations
  • Register your Scheme



To maximise the value of your investment, we invite you to engage with StrataCFM

Strata can be complex, but we will make it simple and take the burden of compliance away from you.

We invite you to review our suite of Documents and Examples of our services:

Documents (examples can be found under Resources)

  • Schedule of Unit Entitlements
  • Pre-contractual Disclosure Statement to the buyer
  • Scheme By-Laws New Scheme (prepared in conjunction with a specialized strata lawyer)
  • Draft Strata plan (prepared in conjunction with a surveyor)
  • Proposed Budget and Levy Contribution
  • Ten-year Plan Scheme Notice Section 29
  • Building Insurance
  • Source quotes for cleaning, maintenance, gardens.
  • Implement regulatory requirements (ABN/ GST registration)
  • Prepare the notice and hold the first Inaugural General Meeting for the owners.
  • Supply Section 184 Certificates (subject to a statutory fee)

The team at StrataCFM has worked with all sizes of developments from small residential lots, to commercial projects to larger mixed-use communities.


The First General Meeting

Strata CFM assists the scheme developer in holding the first annual general meeting (AGM) of which must be held within three months registration of the strata titles scheme.

At the first AGM the scheme developer provides the “key documents” of  the building to the strata company for record keeping.

These key documents comprise of

  • Scheme/ Strata plan
  • The scheme by -laws
  • The scheme unit entitlements
  • Certificates of the development, subdivision, building approvals and occupancy permits
  • Official notices, including
  • Election of council members
  • Consideration of accounts
  • The presentation of copies of certificates and schedules for the Insurance
  • Diagrams, drawings, specifications of utility conduits, infrastructure or sustainability infrastructure.
  • Contracts, or licenses that will bind the strata company
  • Accounting records of the strata company
  • Any other documents relating to the subdivision.

"From Concept to Community"